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Drain & Septic Services in Mason City, IA

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At Helps Drain and Septic Service (formerly Kev's Drain Cleaning) in Mason City, IA, we help our fellow residents by removing those nasty and sometimes odorous drain blockages that can stall proper water flow. Our skilled technicians know exactly what to do and how to do it – with our state of the art equipment that locates the problem and solves the issue.
We Provide Services For:
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Industrial Establishments
  • Institutional Establishments
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Residential
Helps Drain and Septic Service Has:
  • Camera Devices
  • High Pressure Water Jets
  • One Hundred Foot Snake Drain
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Skilled Technicians
  • State of the Art Equipment
Don't Risk Water Damage!
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You might be postponing calling professional drain cleaning help for that problematic drain. However, what you may realize is that the drain clog you may have in your home, business or institution can lead to serious water damage! When there's a blockage in the drain line, it is often difficult to know what or where the problem lies. That's why we urge you to contact us immediately to locate the problem with our state of the art equipment and camera to unclog and remove the blockage. You never can tell with drain lines and sewers. It may be a minor issue but it may be a larger concern such as tree roots interfering with sewer lines! Don't wait any longer and call us today